DanceQuest presents an annual dance recital every June. In order to participate, dancers must be registered for classes January through June. Each class will learn one dance to perform in the show, and all students will learn the dance within regular class time. Every student must remain in the same class day/time from January through June, as each class learns a different dance with a different costume.

Registration fee, Recital fee and Costume fee payments are due a time of registration for Recital session. Each class will perform one dance in the show. Pictures take place during dress rehearsal the day before the recital.


After much consideration we have laid out a plan to complete our 2020 recital season by the end of June. During these uncertain times we feel it is important for our students to have the opportunity to culminate their recital season with a performance! Performing has always been an important piece of this art form and we don’t want our students to lose that experience this year. Will it be different? YES. Will it be fun? ABSOLUTELY.


When and where is the Recital?
The 2020 Recital will be at your home!
When is dress rehearsal and pictures?
Picture Day is whatever day you choose! Consider waiting for good weather and take your picture outdoors!
When do I get measured for my costume?
Costume Measuring will happen during January 2-11. We will provide many time options for you to stop by to get measured. Please wear form-fitting clothing for accurate measurements.
How much does recital participation cost?
$30 Recital Fee, $65 (child) or $70 (adult) costume fee per costume (costumes for advanced classes may be up to $80 depending on instructor's choice), and tuition for dance classes (January 2-June 6). Tuition prices depend on how many hours per week your child dances.
How do I order photos?
You are now the photographer. Come up with your best dance pose, take a picture and send it in to us.
Do you sell DVDs of the show?
Yes. The Sterling Group creates a professional DVD of each show. Order information will be available one month prior to the show.
Will my child be in more than one show?
No conflict this year.
Will my 2+ children be in the same show?
No conflict this year.
Do I have to buy tickets to the recital?
Not this year!
Does my child have to stay backstage for the whole show?
No conflict this year.