Poms ages 5 and up
An introduction to pom technique including body isolations, arm positions, kick technique, turns, leaps, toe touches, and pom choreography. Wear leotard, dance shorts/pants, and jazz shoes. Hair must be pulled up in ponytail.
Teen Pom Technique ages 11 and up
This is the perfect class for the dancer hoping to try out for the school pom squad or has already made it but wants to improve technique. Learn chaine turns, pirouette turns, fouette turns, proper kick technique, arm placement, calypsos, ring jumps, switch leaps and more. Wear a leotard and dance shorts/pants, and jazz shoes. Hair must be pulled up in ponytail.
Tricks and Turns ages 6 and up
Improve turning technique - learn how to spot better, strengthen the supporting leg, hold turning position. Tricks include split leaps, switch leaps, toe touches, specialty jumps and acrobatic tricks. Wear a leotard, dance shorts/pants, jazz shoes and hair up in ponytail or bun.
Floor Barre ages 7 and up
Ballet-based floor barre utilizes exercises on the floor to improve turnout, strength, and flexibility. Increase resistance training with therabands. Wear a leotard, dance short/pants and hair must be up. Dancers will be barefoot in floor barre.
Stretch and Strengthen ages 7 and up
Focus on strengthening important dance muscles. Increase turnout, core strength, and flexibility. Core strength is not only important for proper technique but injury prevention as well. Wear leotard, dance shorts/pants, jazz or ballet shoes and hair pulled up in bun or ponytail.
Acro for Dancers ages 6 and up
Acro for Dancers is taught by our experienced gymnastics coaching staff. This class takes place in the gymnastics area of our facility. Learn acrobatic tricks used in dance choreography: i.e. front and back walkovers, cartwheels, aerials, valdez and more. Wear leotard, dance shorts, hair pulled up in ponytail or bun. Dancers should take class barefoot.
Theatre Dance ages 8 and up
Think Broadway! Theatre Dance teaches jazz and modern technique as well as choreography from famous musicals. Theatre Dance incorporates acting skills into dancing and performing. Wear a leotard, dance shorts/pants, ballet or jazz shoes, hair pulled up in ponytail or bun.
Character (instructor approval required)
Offered in the summer only. Character dance is stylized folk or ethnic dance for the ballet stage. Our mission is to first provide students with academic and performance - related opportunities in different dance styles from Europe , and secondly to enrich their experience through cross cultural interaction. Most popular dances in the Classical Character repertoire are the national dances of Hungary , Russia , Poland , Italy and Spain: czardas, mazurka, polka, tarantella, flamenco, etc.

DanceQuest provides an well-rounded dance program with everything you need to become a strong, versatile dancer.  Try more styles, or supplement your training with more technique classes.