Young Dancers: DanceQuest provides a nurturing environment for all of our students. It’s the perfect place to for your child’s first dance class. Not only will they receive a quality dance education, but we provide invaluable educational qualities within our classes. Your young dancer will learn to follow directions from an instructor, take turns with other dancers, socialize with peers, all while learning fun dance moves. Our experienced instructors reinforce number and color recognition, counting, coordination, and teach proper french ballet terminology.

Ballet: As your child grows older, our ballet program provides high quality classical ballet training from experienced instructors. Our faculty's attention to detail and hands-on corrections give students the tools to become successful dancers. Prepointe and Pointe readiness is determined by age, technical ability, and work ethic in class. Our staff takes pride in preparing dancers at an appropriate age and level for this big step in their training. This helps create more successful dancers as well as prevents injury.

Jazz: DanceQuest focuses on proper technique in all styles, and jazz is no exception! We pride ourselves on proper posture, alignment, and placement. Those basics are so important as our students learn more advanced skills and will improve their turns, leaps, specialty jumps and choreography. Solid colored-leotard required for all jazz classes, as well as jazz shoes, hair up in ponytail or bun, and jazz shorts, pants, leggings, or tights. No baggy clothes.

Lyrical: Lyrical and Contemporary dance fuse the technical aspects of ballet with emotional and expressive elements. Lyrical choreography often conveys a story through fluid, intricate movements and musicality. Lyrical combines elements of ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary dance. Students must wear a solid colored leotard, tights, dance shorts/pants/leggings, hair pulled back in ponytail or bun, and jazz or ballet shoes. No baggy clothes.

Hip Hop: Hip Hop is one of the most popular styles of dance. Think mainstream music, music videos, the hottest moves, and rhythm and musicality. Hip Hop is most commonly danced in sneakers. We ask that you help keep our studios clean by changing into your dance shoes upon arrival at DanceQuest. Keep your dance shoes clean and make them “inside-only” shoes.

More Classes: DanceQuest provides an well-rounded dance program with everything you need to become a strong, versatile dancer. Try more styles, or supplement your training with more technique classes.