19 February 2015
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19 February 2015,

Hello! My name is Carson. I was born on January 30, 2015 at 12:02am. I weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. My mom and dad are Emily and Matt Speedy. They thought they were going in for a regular doctor’s appointment on January 29, but I decided to surprise them and planned my arrival for that day! It was really because mom’s blood pressure was a little high so they decided to induce her and get me out. Everyone was healthy and it all went smoothly.

I  spend my time eating, pooping, and napping! Over and over again. I am learning some new things: I can hold my head up all by myself sometimes, I like to look at things-mostly mom and dad’s faces but the ceiling fans at my house also look interesting to me, and if I cry enough mom or dad will pick me up. I sneeze sometimes, get the hiccups at least once a day, and every once in awhile I even smile!

My mom told me all about the dancers she teaches and how much she misses them. I’m very happy she is spending this time with me right now though. My dad says he wants me to be strong like all the gymnasts he coaches. He promised to teach me all about sports. Our favorite thing to do together is put the golf channel on and take a nap!

Mom and dad are still working on hanging some things up in my room, but when they’re done I’ll show you some pictures of it. I can’t wait to meet everyone when I get a little older. I picked out some pictures of me doing my favorite things to share with you: sleeping, crying, and looking cute! Thanks for reading!


Carson Matthew Speedy



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